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I am a 25 yr old Bi East Indian Male living in Chicago. I am here to appreciate beauty and talent. I also want to let u know that please please contact me if you have any issues or concerns. I would really like to help as a good friend/ brother. Remember, Its so easy to take a life.But its near impossible to create one... There is always someone out there who loves you..

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Blowing Lucas - 17 min

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I think you will love every single minute of this video.  Wedding vows complete with a reading from Harry Potter…it’s beautiful.  Gifs from this video here. (also, if you liked that video watch this one…not related, but equally wonderful)

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Magic hands - Trystan Bull and Marko Lebeau

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Bareback motorcycle ride. 

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Stu X Spencer



two latin guys, this is hot specially when the bottom´s girlfriend call him on the phone while he is getting fucked (real or not still hot)

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